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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the school/district’s responsibility for the Concierge process?

The Concierge process starts with a phone call where our District Liaison will work with you to understand your school/district’s theory of learning and technology goals. Using this, we can establish what defines your ‘need’ for a technology solution. During the call, we will cover our terms and conditions and determine if it is the right time to move forward. Once started, an administrator can expect to devote about 2 hours over the course of 2-3 weeks working with us to fulfill the need.

What information do the companies receive?

If the need moves forward, each company will receive an anonymous profile detailing the specific needs and context of the school or district. Each profile is developed to focus on a specific instructional pain point. Details include: the general location of the school or district (e.g. "Indiana", "Southern Florida"), how educators are currently addressing the pain point, and what features they’d like in an ideal solution. The proposal also discusses the role of the teacher and of the student, how data is used, and any existing constraints on the school. Finally, we include a school’s timeline and budget for addressing the needs under discussion.

Why are the profiles anonymous?

Protecting the anonymity of the participating schools/districts is a key part of Concierge. Once school leaders have reviewed the list of relevant companies and proposals, they will decide with whom they want to connect. EdSurge will make that introduction.

What if the school doesn’t know their specific budget for the tool?

Often, school budgets are moving targets. While we do request a dollar amount for the budget, it is understood that this budget is not a final number, and we expect that the school and company will negotiate once the connection has been made. Furthermore, we include this ballpark figure in order to show the size and scope of the opportunity. Often schools use what they are currently paying for a tool to determine this number.

What if the school or district is already talking with a company or is looking at a specific product?

We ask each school/district about the tools they’re already using or companies they’re already considering. In the event that a school or district is already looking at a product, we include the tool on the short list if they have not spoken to a company representative. If the administrator has already communicated with a company, we will not include that company in consideration..

Who pays?

There is a minimum two hour time commitment for administrators to successfully utilize the Concierge service, but no financial obligation. For matched companies, there is no cost to review anonymous profiles. Companies are invited to submit a tailored response for a modest fee. Companies that do not submit are still presented to administrators. Additionally, EdSurge is offering the Concierge Extension Program for school districts signed to the Future Ready Schools pledge. This district-level program provides a comprehensive report of a district's edtech needs, product recommendations and actionable next steps. More details and pricing is available on the Future Ready website.

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