About Concierge

Over the past 24 months, the Concierge team at EdSurge has listened to more than 180 school and district administrators seeking new edtech tools. We’ve taken notes, created need profiles for more than 200 instructional problems and matched those need with more than 450 unique products from the EdSurge Index. At the same time, with support from the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, we have worked steadily on a research project testing the idea of an online diagnostic tool.

Now it's time to move to the next stage.

As of June 1st, EdSurge will be moving in a new direction with its Concierge service and will no longer offer phone-based diagnostics to school and district administrators, or data-driven product recommendations to edtech companies.

We invite you to read this post which goes in-depth into what happened and why we made this decision, but also want to send a heartfelt thanks to each of you, administrators and companies, who used Concierge to make their edtech decisions.

We are very proud of the work done to-date with Concierge, based in no small part on the extensive and heartfelt praise we received from educators who were able to find edtech tools better aligned to the needs of their students and teachers. We were also proud to proactively share the product of many hardworking edtech companies with school leaders across the US.

EdSurge remains a vibrant part of the edtech ecosystem and will continue to share stories, bring people together and help advance the quest to find the most appropriate technology to support students and teachers. We look forward to staying in touch with you and to including your work in the writing and convenings that we have going forward. We know that you may be looking for more resources to find technology or to share your product and we wanted to share with you some resources that might help with the transition.

For Administrators:

Search for Tools: edsurge.com/product-reviews

Connect and Learn Best Practices: fusion.edsurge.com

Get Inspired: edsurge.com/news

For Companies:

Share Best Practices: sales@edsurge.com

Showcase your Product: fusion.edsurge.com

Find Great Talent: edsurge.com/jobs

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