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Silicon Valley Tech for Schools Summit 2013 Recap
These summits may be over, but the learning, reflections and relationships continue! Find the events recaps below or jump over to one of our Upcoming Summit.
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Keynote Speaker
Lynda Weinman
Executive Chair of the Board / Co-Founder
Participating Companies
30 companies were selected by a team of local educator judges to participate in Silicon Valley Tech for Schools Summit 2013.
Small thumb wioobllq 400x400 1432759515
Suite of PD, assessment and literary content tools
Small thumb advancefeedback logo 1428743587 1428751548
Observation and feedback management platform in which third party coaches can give feedback on classroom video
Small thumb bloomboard 1428742626 1428750725
Personalized, competency-based professional growth for teachers, with observation & coaching tools for admins
Small thumb clarity 1428743331 1428751297
Gathers and analyzes data to guide edtech spending and measure impact on achievement
Small thumb classdojo 1423794829 1428742622 1428750722
Connects teachers, parents and students to improve student behavior and build character strengths
Small thumb curriculet icon 1426744675 1428743333 1428751300
Manages reading assignments, allowing teachers to integrate media & quizzes into ebooks
Small thumb doceri 1428742958 1428750986
Interactive whiteboard and screencast recording app for iPads allows hand drawn graphics
Small thumb ellevation 1428743351 1428751322
Data and instructional management tools for teachers of English Language Learners
Small thumb espark new 1428742515 1428750640
Develops custom playlists of eBooks, games, videos and learning materials for the iPad
Small thumb everfi 1428743243 1428751216
Products for 21st Century skills and knowledge: financial and digital literacy, civics, more
Small thumb extik 1428743429 1428751411
Classroom and feedback system that works on any wifi-enabled smartphone or tablet
Small thumb globaloria square 1431635531
Blended-learning courses and platform that teach students to design and code educational games
Small thumb dab7090468a270c271e552d96f4fa43f 400x400 1439490691
Teacher dashboard for Google Apps in school for integrated experience/effective workflow
Small thumb iresult 1428743591 1428751550
Student data gathering and analytics tool that pulls info from schools, nonprofits, and community programs
Small thumb knowmia 1428743458 1428751442
Video lesson library with accompanying creation tools and sharing of student assignments
Small thumb knowre 1428743338 1428751307
Adaptive math program assesses strengths and weaknesses and personalizes the curriculum
Small thumb lb1 1428743555 1428751515
Automated online math tutoring and analytics tool for 5th-9th grade students
Small thumb learnsprout 1428742836 1428750896
Free data analytics for K-12 educators to help fight absenteeism, identify at-risk students and track college readiness.
Small thumb lumosity logo 1428742797 1428750866
Online games/exercises designed to challenge core cognitive abilities
Small thumb motion math 1413438373 1428742402 1428750559
Conceptual learning games & dashboard for K-6 math
Small thumb newsela 1428743423 1428751403
News stories written to multiple levels of complexity with embedded assessments
Small thumb noredink 1428743017 1428751034
Teacher-created writing app generates quizzes based on student interests & skill needs
Small thumb ponder square 100x100 1428743546 1428751506
Browser add-on that measures reading activity and promotes understanding and sharing across any subject
Small thumb reading kingdom 1428743593 1428751551
K-3 researched-based, online reading and writing instruction program (click for free trial!)
Small thumb securly 1428743071 1428751085
Cloud-based filtering for schools. Can also cover mobile devices that students bring home
Small thumb studyblue 1428742762 1428750844
Online flashcard, quizzes and study guide creator and sharing network for students
Small thumb tenmarks 1428742430 1428750580
A web-based adaptive math program closely aligned to the Common Core that complements math concepts taught by teachers. It offers integrated math practice, assessment and intervention
Small thumb the answer pad 1428743566 1428751525
Multi-platform BYOD student dialogue system that focuses on real-time assessments.
Small thumb thinkcerca 1428743337 1428751306
CCSS aligned lessons focused on teaching close reading and argumentative writing across multiple subjects for grades 4 - 12
Small thumb zaption 1428743594 1428751552
Web app that lets teachers add images, text, quizzes, and discussions to existing videos from YouTube, Vimeo and private video libraries.
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