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Seattle Tech for Schools Summit 2014 Recap
These summits may be over, but the learning, reflections and relationships continue! Find the events recaps below or jump over to one of our Upcoming Summit.
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Keynote Speaker
Angela Maiers
An award-winning educator, author, and speaker known for her work in education leadership and innovation, Angela works tirelessly to bring compassion-driven learning to classrooms around the world.
Small 125 xangela 1412779551 1415675142 1428746521 1428754027 1428776302
Keynote Speaker
Angela Maiers
An award-winning educator, author, and speaker known for her work in education leadership and innovation, Angela works tirelessly to bring compassion-driven learning to classrooms around the world.
Participating Companies
40 companies were selected by a team of local educator judges to participate in Seattle Tech for Schools Summit 2014.
Small thumb 21teach 1414534087 1428744053 1428751961
STEM Mobile Resource Library Curated by Teachers for K12 Education
Small thumb actively learn sqaure 1428743159 1428751159
Integrates media, common core aligned questions, tools to scaffold and assess reading
Small thumb getalma 1406921876 1428744079 1428751973
Learning Management (LMS) and Student Information System (SIS) featuring curriculum management, grades, student records, data analytics and more
Small thumb artifact 1410237418 1428744513 1428752297
Helps teachers, schools and libraries assign appropriate books based on student's reading level, standards, topics, etc.
Small thumb brainpop logo 01 1430260576
Animated movies, learning games, quizzes and interactive activities covering K-8 and ESL curriculum
Small thumb brightloop 2 1406583443 1428744023 1428751932
Tool for tracking interactions, progress, and lesson ideas for individual learners
Small thumb classowl 1400614938 1428743938 1428751855
Assignment management tool that allows students and teachers to keep track of what work needs to be done and how long it will take to finish
Small thumb commoncurriculum 1428743162 1428751162
Tool for lesson and unit plan creation, collaboration and sharing created by teachers
Small thumb curriculet icon 1426744675 1428743333 1428751300
Manages reading assignments, allowing teachers to integrate media & quizzes into ebooks
Small thumb datacation 1428743437 1428751421
Data management tools to break down student data and inform instruction
Small thumb educurious 1406914565 1428744040 1428751950
Learning that connects students to real-world learning
Small thumb 200xe 1440621881
Assessment creation tool that enables teachers to assign, track and share CCSS-aligned quizzes with Smarter Balanced and PARCC style questions
Small thumb espark new 1428742515 1428750640
Develops custom playlists of eBooks, games, videos and learning materials for the iPad
Small thumb exibi 1413956227 1428744708 1428752492
Online portfolio tool for K-12 students
Small thumb extik 1428743429 1428751411
Classroom and feedback system that works on any wifi-enabled smartphone or tablet
Small thumb globaloria square 1431635531
Blended-learning courses and platform that teach students to design and code educational games
Small thumb ilit 1413951814 1428744699 1428752483
Fosters literacy through personalized reading and learning
Small thumb ls logosquare 1440624338
Literacy tool providing standards aligned texts, assessments and data dashboard
Small thumb matific square 1406593464 1428744031 1428751940
Series of math activities and games on the browser and iPad that map to popular textbooks and CCSS
Small thumb metria logo  square 1410814432 1428744582 1428752361
Helps educators with lesson planning, assessment development, and monitoring student progress
Small thumb motion math 1413438373 1428742402 1428750559
Conceptual learning games & dashboard for K-6 math
Small thumb myblee1 1406931457 1428744210 1428752042
iPad app that offers an individualized math learning tool with lessons and exercises students can complete at their own pace
Small thumb mystery science 1415208442 1428744698 1428752482
Open-and-go lessons that inspire kids to love science.
Small thumb newsela 1428743423 1428751403
News stories written to multiple levels of complexity with embedded assessments
Small thumb nextlesson 1409777645 1428744516 1428752301
Standards aligned curriculum, projects, lessons and worksheets for teachers for ELA, Social Studies, Math and Science
Small thumb otusplus 1406933395 1428744258 1428752073
Free classroom management tool facilitating 1:1 learning
Small thumb playforward 1411592281 1428744601 1428752378
Roleplaying risk-reduction game
Small thumb ponder square 100x100 1428743546 1428751506
Browser add-on that measures reading activity and promotes understanding and sharing across any subject
Small thumb reading kingdom 1428743593 1428751551
K-3 researched-based, online reading and writing instruction program (click for free trial!)
Small thumb redbird advanced learning 1406583459 1428744025 1428751934
Adaptive K-12 digital curriculum, blended learning services and professional development
Small thumb schoolrunner 1428743892 1428751805
Data management tool that tracks attendance, behavior, grades, mastery, etc. all in one place for teachers and admins to access
Small thumb scrible s student edition logo  edsurge summit baltimore 1440452580
Save webpages, annotate, share research with peers with added student edition features
Small thumb 174b9dpa9pg2vhmgalky 400x400 1440624755
Free classroom resource library that lets teachers create and share lesson plans, strategies. etc.
Small thumb skafflapp 1406931713 1428744217 1428752048
iPad workflow solution for the classroom
Small thumb snapwiz 1428743894 1428751807
Formative assessment creation and assignment tool based on the CCSS
Small thumb slide1 1414002681 1428744710 1428752493
Tablet-based math and ELA curriculum
Small thumb themespark reverse logo 200x200 1440621683
Create common-core aligned lesson plans, projects, and assessments
Small thumb trinketapp 1406934485 1428744290 1428752098
Tool for interactively teaching programming (eg Python)
Small thumb zeal 1408999828 1428744497 1428752283
Helps teachers provide personalized instruction by assessing students and recommending CCSS lesson plans and practice problems
Small thumb zulama 1406580866 1428744020 1428751930
Programming, art and design curriculum with a focus on games and project-based learning
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