Virtual High School (Cincinnati)

Virtual High School (Cincinnati)

A virtual high school that is part of the Cincinnati public school district and serves primarily at-risk students.

Cincinnati Public Schools created its Virtual High School in August 2001 with an initial enrollment of 150 students. Before the winter holidays, the school had over 500 students.

"The school curriculum is the standard curriculum of the Cincinnati Public Schools; however, the students have the opportunity to take the classes at their own speed. They may register for only one class or they may take two or three classes. Students can complete the classes as quickly as they desire. All classes are delivered via the web. However, since this is an inner city school, there is a physical facility equipped with computers, with teachers available for consultation. The physical facility is open Monday-Thursday 8-8 and Fridays 8-4. Students are free to come and go as they please." Source

Students were given extensive freedoms--and many took advantage of those privileges, ignoring their (virtual) assignments and classes. In the summer of 2002, the school dropped 410 students. Less than a third of the 9th graders passed their 2002-2003 mathematics test. The school has improved since then but graduation rates are still low. In 2009-2010, the school had 268 students enrolled, 53% female and 47% male students.

The female graduation rate was 22% (compared to a state-wide average of 85.6%); male graduation rates were 16% (compared to a state-wide average of 83.6%). Its math proficient scores for the 2009-2010 year were 32.7% (in contrast to a state average of 74%). Its reading proficiency scores were 48.1% (in contrast to 79.4% for the statewide average).

Statistical sources:

First source

From 2003

This school was also profiled in a publication, "Blended Learning: The Convergence of Online and Face-to-Face Education," published by iNaCOL. The report was supported by Apex Learning, K12, FloridaVirtual School and Connections Academy. The report was published in 2008.

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