San Mateo County Office of Education

San Mateo County Office of Education

The San Mateo County Office of Education is working to increase opportunities for personalized learning for every student.

State: California Number of Students: 308
School Type: Public School District Free and Reduced Lunch: 26.6%
Grade Level: K-12 English Language Learners: 39.9%

School Context

Service Provider: SMCOE aims to provide and coordinate effective services for all 23 districts with a focus on cost-efficiency.

Closing The Achievement Gap: The county aims to close the achievement gap by providing high-quality earlychildhood programs, ensuring all students pursue rigor in mathematics at all grades, supporting equitable educationalpolicy and working with teachers and school leaders to support rigorous and culturally responsive instruction.

STEM PD: SMCOE aims to be at the cutting edge of STEM professional development in California. This includesproviding a variety of high quality STEM opportunities.

Sharing Best Practices: SMCOE promotes and shares innovative teaching strategies that embody 21st centuryeducation.

State of Technology

The STEM Center: The STEM Center provides professional developmentin Common Core State Standards for math, Next Generation ScienceStandards, programming for middle and high school teachers, forums ontechnology that supports learning, PreK-3 Math and Science, a three PartSeries for teachers of grades 3-8 on Computer Science and Roboticsin the Classroom, countywide STEM Fair for grades 5-12 and the statescience fair. STEM Center initiatives include: Making and 3D Technologies; Project-Based Learning aligned to CCSS; and Design Thinking.

SMCOE “Professional Learning Space” (PLS): Powered by the CanvasLearning Management System (LMS), SMCOE is designing and offeringblended professional learning opportunities for county educators.

iZone: With a vision of every graduate being college and career readyand an imperative to reduce the barriers to learning, iZone San MateoCounty increases opportunities for personalized learning for everystudent. The iZone is working to ensure all students in the 23 districtsacross San Mateo County are prepared to contribute to an increasinglyglobal and digital world by initially focusing on three major initiatives: upgrading digital infrastructure, collaborating and consolidatingtechnology purchases where possible; leveraging student data to inform instruction; building networks that support educators as they explore newteaching and learning strategies.

Center for Learning Analytics (CLA): The CLA ensures that thecollection and analysis of student data leads to increased personalizedlearning opportunities and equitable outcomes for every student. Workto date has included convening a learning network of district data andassessment leaders to support the infusion of learning analytics bestpractices into their work and developing a framework for understandingstudent mastery of concepts through data-driven assessments.

Digital Content: The SMEdCenter Web Portal, which the county alsorefers to as the ed1stop portal is a repository of digital content that iscurated to improve instruction and support student learning. There aretwo subscription options for the portal: one package includes access toDiscovery Education Streaming and the other offers access to Learn360Streaming. These packages also include differentiated reference servicesfrom World Book, music and sound clips from Soundzabound, a bankof historic and contemporary images, and a world almanac for kids.Additionally, some free resources are also included in the packages suchas Khan Academy, Thinkfinity, Calisphere, NASA resources, the Library ofCongress and Peninsula Library Resources.

Tech Needs & Requirements

The district needs are county office-wide bandwidth upgrades and internal network (especially wireless) upgrades.


Chromebook and Google Apps implementation for community schools.

iPad implementation for Court Schools.

County office-wide VoIP implementation.

*Content From 2016

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