Rhode Island Public School District Seeks Tool to Target Literacy

Rhode Island Public School District Seeks Tool to Target Literacy

This school is looking for adaptive ela software that can support students to get on grade level and target comprehension, fluency and analysis skills. The tool should be adaptive and offer a high level of scaffolding content and the pathway.

State: Rhode Island Number of Students: 23,983
School Type: Public School District Free and Reduced Lunch: 86.0%
Grade Level: PK-12 English Language Learners: 25.0%

School Context

This is a new public high school being rolled out this year with 100 9th graders. It will eventually grow to 400 9-12th graders in the next f year. This school has a high number of english language learners and many students are significantly below level in math and reading.

State of Technology

They are trying to give students independence, remediation and acceleration. However, it is hard for high school teachers to do it on their own and create all that differentiated content. They are creating a new model that personalizes learning through an autonomous learning model. Students move at their own pace through playlists to learn content. For their new model, they are looking to create playlists of students that will live on LMS, Empower. While they are accessing the Summit playlists, they also want to infuse adaptive software that can help students with remediation. it is also hard to create fluid groups of students and level kids without the right kind of data. They want to be able to give students the right level of independent work so they are not frustrated, while giving teachers time to focus on students who need extra support. The students who will be in this model have never been exposed to so much independence. That is why it is also important that whatever tool they put in front of them scaffolds and guides them through the path of learning.

While this will be school's first year, the approach most of them are used to involves the traditional chalk and talk lecture style. However, students are not graduating under this model and they are not filling in their learning gaps. That is why it is so important that they are able to diagnose learning gaps, support students to find the right resces for those gaps and deliver it to them.

Tech Needs & Requirements

An ideal solution for them would be something that is either adaptive or offers differentiated materials through high levels of scaffolding. The program should target comprehension, fluency skills and analysis. They will use this solution from 30 - 90 minutes each day. It would be nice if there was some voice and choice involved, but they can solve for that in other ways the first couple years. But if that component exists, it would be nice to know. it is also important that the tool is highly engaging and delivers content to a 9th grade audience.

Ideally, having some voice and choice built in is great because it is important that students are owning their work as much as possible. But most important is that students have access to their own data.

The role of the teacher depends on the level of adaptability. They are flexible. Ideally, they would have some control over the sequencing or be able to make tweaks to the path when necessary. But they do not want to count on teachers to have to customize everything. They need to be able to set it up and let kids go, without much teacher involvement. However, if there is flexibility to have teachers get more involved, that is good too.

The school provides students with 1:1 Chromebooks. The tool must be highly scaffolded, must support comprehension, fluency and analysis, must allow students to move at their own pace, and must support remediation when necessary.

They would like to track mastery data. They will use it to regroup and further target instruction. If it is the right tool, then it is ok if it does not do CSV exports, but CSV exports are preferential. They would like to be able to import the data into LMS, Empower to track mastery there.

The tool must provide Google single sign on would be a plus, or if there was anyway to build an API to have a single sign on into Empower. However, this is not a non-negotiable.

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