Revere Public Schools

Revere Public Schools is working to create more student-centered learning environments across the district. District leaders see blended learning as a critical component of making this possible.

State: Massachusetts Number of Students: 7,451
School Type: Public School District Free and Reduced Lunch: 41.8%
Grade Level: PK-12 English Language Learners: 19.1%

State of Technology

Going Blended: Revere is in its second year a transformation to create more student-centered learning environments across thedistrict. District leaders see blended learning as a critical component of making this possible. While classroom implementationsvary, teachers are encouraged to use flipped learning so that class time can be devoted to group work and collaboration amongststudents. They are also encouraged to pose stimulating problems for students to then use technology to solve on their own. Thedistrict plans to continue working to refine this model over the next couple of years, as more and more of its classrooms make thetransition.

Increased Access to Devices: Revere is a technology-rich district that leverages a 1:1 program and SMARTBoards in everyclassroom in order to equip students with tools that put them at the center of their learning. IPads are assigned to every high schoolstudent, and a 1:1 program is being rolled out at the middle school level and in the upper elementary grades. Classes that don’t yethave a 1:1 ratio have a cluster of six iPads so that teachers can create learning stations.

Going the Distance: The district encourages teachers to bring the real world to students through the use of distance-learningactivities. Teachers have been known to leverage the technology such as to Skype to connect students with guest lecturers or to givestudents an opportunity to connect with real world scenarios, like interacting with NASA astronauts at Cape Canaveral. This oftenoccurs when launching a unit or as a culminating activity.

Tech Needs & Requirements

All new software programs must include adequate staff training aroundprogram implementation. A train-the-trainer model is preferred. Programs that have data collection components are preferred. Cloud-based programs are preferred. The district is looking for ways to automatestudent data into a student management system, so they can track formativeand state testing data for all students.


Online Testing: The district is focusing on supporting digital assessments.Together with a consortium of five local districts, Revere will use ANet as a toolto administer digital assessments.

*Content From 2015

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