Oklahoma Public School District Wants to Help Teachers Easily Analyze Data

Oklahoma Public School District Wants to Help Teachers Easily Analyze Data

This medium-sized school district is looking for a tool to collect and analyze data in real time.

State: Oklahoma Number of Students: 45,996
School Type: Public School District Free and Reduced Lunch: 84.0%
Grade Level: PK-12 English Language Learners: 33.0%

School Context

This medium-sized school district serves around 40,000 students in an urban school system. T The population is economically disadvantaged as there is about 91% students receiving free and/or reduced lunch. About 51% of the student body is hispanic. The school district has a great commitment to instruction and everything they do needs to be grounded in maximizing instructional time.

State of Technology

This school district collects a lot of data and has a dedicated research team. However, they do not have a timesaving, efficient way to analyze the data so that it actionable for teachers. They would like the ability to have reports and analytics available to them so that they can take action on them to improve instruction as soon as possible.

Currently, the district uses Infinite Campus and it collects a lot of data, and in prior years, teachers would have to have to ask the research and planning team to deliver reports on PDF. This process was too cumbersome and inefficient to be actionable to inform instruction.

Tech Needs & Requirements

The district would like a predictive analytics tool that first and foremost can give the school faculty early warning indicators for students who might be at risk. They would like to do so by being able to connect data from multiple places. The data is coming from multiple places such as their SIS (Infinite Campus), Mastery Connect and uploaded data from various other places. They hope that the tool provides several features. They would like the tool to be able to collect data from the SIS (like attendance, financial records, demographic) as well as collect data from assessment software they would like to be able to analyze correlation data to see how external data affects academic data. If possible, they would like the solution to be cloud based. Most importantly, they want the tool to offer various reporting features. Ideally they would like a tool that can look at the data and help organize the data so that it is quality, easy to understand, and actionable. They would hope that the tool could take the data and then offer some sort of predictive analytical tool to create reports based on filters. They would like a user dashboard so that anyone who is interested in looking at the data can easily look at the data in real time and be able to report it out in a manner that is easy to understand and visually appealing without sacrificing power.

Teachers should be able to access reporting that helps them inform instruction. Ideally they are able to access data as close to in real time as possible.

The tool must have proven integration with Infinite Campus and Active Directory. The tool should provide early warning indicators. The data is easy to access and understand transparency is important to the district. The tool should be device agnostic. The tool should be easy to use so non-technical users can generate basic reports. Some schools are 1:1 iPads, while other have laptops. The tool should be device agnostic. The most common data points will generate from these areas: SIS data (demographic, etc.), attendance, assessment and grades.The tool must integrate with Active Directory and Infinite Campus.

*Content From 2016

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