New Jersey Charter Management Organization Hopes to Increase Math Skill Progression

New Jersey Charter Management Organization Hopes to Increase Math Skill Progression

This charter school network is looking for a robust and more comprehensive math program than they have now. They plan to use this tool modularly alongside supplemental materials.

State: New Jersey Number of Students: 1,368
School Type: Charter Management Organization Free and Reduced Lunch: N/A
School Type: Charter Management Organization English Language Learners: N/A

School Context

This is a highly influential charter school network of schools that supports schools across multiple states. They focus on developing a personalized learning model that utilizes adaptive playlists and student agency. They have also built their own learning management system and consult with other organizations to adopt their model across the country.

State of Technology

Their current approach revealed that students were unable to build a firm foundation of their math skills using only a few supplemental materials. The network would like a solution that has a structured, but modular approach to math skill progression.

The organization's approach to math content has been experimental. The teachers struggle with finding the content that they really need to help students on an individual basis. Additionally, they cannot find the strand, or skill that they need content providers have promised that they have questions tied to the standard, but they found that some tools do this better than others.

Tech Needs & Requirements

This network would like to replace many of their supplemental materials with a comprehensive curriculum offered through one solution. However, the charter network plans to implement a multi-tool approach. Ideally, this tool has an open API to integrate with their LMS, SPARK. They would like to be able to break up the content units into modules. If there is no way to integrate into their LMS, but can still be modified to accommodate modularization, that is a good work around.They are looking for content that has a scope and sequence built in. While curriculum writers will be putting together the modules, they are looking for the tool to provide structure to the sequence of skills. This tool would be the foundation and heart of the lesson, but the writers could add to the lesson with supplemental tools if need be. They are hoping that the tool can scaffold back to algebra if need be. They are looking for a tool that provides formative assessments and little checks for understanding such as mini quizzes and/or pre/post assessments. Additionally, they are hoping that the tool provides visuals for visual learners. They do not want a tool that is too text heavy. Ideally, they would like a tool that had adaptability so that within a unit/module, students were met at their skill level. This is not a non negotiable so long as the tool provides good data. They would like to be able to override the sequence.It is really important that this tool be able to aligned with Common Core Standards. They will be tracking this to determine skill mastery.

Students should be able to see where they are in progress.

Teachers will be creating lesson plans and learning targets for Math. They will use the data provided by the tool to analyze student progress.

The tool must be Chromebook or Macbook Air compatible. The tool must provide a list of content tagged with standards (CCSS). The vendor must provide excellent customer service and use trainthetrainer method of training, if needed for professional development. The tool must provide a strong, sequence and scope for content. The tool should be modularized to fit their instructional model. The network provides Chromebooks and Macbook Air laptops. The data must provide progress by student and by strand gap analysis. The tool must offer Google single sign on and integrate with custom LMS/ LTI and Powerschool.

*Content From 2016

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