Louisiana Charter Management Organization Wants to Scale Station Rotation Model

Louisiana Charter Management Organization Wants to Scale Station Rotation Model

This school needs a tool they can use during station rotations that will both remediate content and provide on grade level content for students to learn from.

State: Louisiana Number of Students: 1,643
School Type: Charter Management Organization Free and Reduced Lunch: 96.8%
Grade Level: PK-8 English Language Learners: N/A

School Context

This school is a member of a charter school network that has spent the last year piloting various versions of blended learning at different schools. This school was given further funding to spread their model across the whole school.

State of Technology

The school facilitates a station rotation model, where students are broken up by skill levels. They rotate through stations where they get direct instruction, independent practice and spend time practicing math skills through an online program. They need an online tool that can facilitate this station. Ideally, this tool can support both remediation and on grade content. These tools need to guide the student with direct instruction as they go, not just solely assess students.

This year, the school has been facilitating the station rotation model at the end of the day. Students are broken by skill levels and work on ST Math, while teachers do guided learning activities with the rest of the students. However, while ST Math is a great tool it does not quite engage students in 7th and 8th grade. The school would like a tool that can be relevant and engaging for the middle school audience.

Tech Needs & Requirements

The school wants teachers to have some control around what content a student starts with, but it would be nice if the tool adapted the students’ path, adjusting content up or down, based on how they move through the material.

The tool must support both on grade content and remediation. The school has one computer cart per grade level, which means that 50% of students have a laptop at all times. They provide students with either Asus Netbooks or Chromebooks.The school wants to be able to see what content students have successfully mastered. They also want to be able to track their growth over time. They will use this data as a formative assessment tool. Teachers should be able to look at this data and make a decision on what to teach or reteach next. They do not need data to be exported, but they do need a dashboard that a teacher can easily view with minimal manipulation. The tool must be web based.

*Content From 2015

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