Fort Cherry School District

Fort Cherry School District

Fort Cherry is a rural district that aims to build a strong connection to the local community. They do this by providing technologically advanced and creative school experiences for everyone.

State: Pennsylvania Number of Students: 1,065
School Type: Public School District Free and Reduced Lunch: 42.6%
Grade Level: K-12 English Language Learners: 0.6%

School Context

Rural Values, Big City Opportunities: Fort Cherry is a rural district that aims to build a strong connection to the localcommunity. They do this by providing technologically advanced and innovative school experiences for everyone.

Advancing Achievement: The district is committed to gathering, organizing and evaluating data to create curricula andinstruction that get results.

All Hands on Deck: Recognizing the value of continuous learning, Fort Cherry includes students, parents, teachers, tutorsand coaches to create individualized, focused learning toward academic growth.

Teachers Learn Too: The district is committed to providing high quality professional education for its teachers and staff.Fort Cherry seeks to highlight current and innovative technologies, collaborate with other districts and use the trainings tomake meaningful curriculum changes.

State of Technology

Innovation Station: Fort Cherry has a mix of hardware, including iPads,Macs, Lenovo laptops and Chromebooks. The district is not 1:1, but hasinstead created a model based on classes rotating through innovativestations and labs. Each building has an iPad lab, and there are engineeringlabs stocked with Macs, Fab Labs with 3D printers, hightech greenhousesand maker spaces geared towards the lower grades.

Little Rangers Makeshop: In 2014, grants from the Claude WorthingtonBenedum Foundation and the Grable Foundation funded the creationof a makerspace in the elementary school, called the “Little RangersMakeshop.” Students use the space to create, tinker and work withtechnology.

Entrepreneurial Electives: From Digital Animation to Mobile GameDesign to entrepreneurship, electives at Fort Cherry High School allowstudents to explore many facets of technology or focus on a particularniche. The district integrates computer science, coding, and designprinciples in the K-8 curriculum, so that students can build on these skillsand make informed decisions in choosing their high school electives.

AgTech: Agricultural and environmental sciences are a priority at Fort Cherry.The schools share gardens with raised garden beds and hightech greenhousesfeaturing aquaponics and hydroponics. Project-based learning and STEAM skillsare the highlights of the agricultural programs for students in all grades.

Tech Needs & Requirements

Technology tools needs are additional iPads and laptops and materials for an edtech fabrication lab.


The district is in the beginning stages of creating a Fabrication Lab to fuse art and technology, complete with 3D printers.

*Content From 2015

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