California Public School District Moves Toward Data-Driven Instruction

California Public School District Moves Toward Data-Driven Instruction

This district is looking for a data management tool to help teachers and administrators use the data they collect from a variety of sources.

State: California Number of Students: 4,638
School Type: Public School District Free and Reduced Lunch: 4.5%
Grade Level: PK-8 English Language Learners: 12.5%

School Context

This school district serves an affluent population in California. They have rolled out a common assessment approach to gather student data. They are focusing on the coming school years on analyzing and using the data they collect in a more actionable way. The student population is small, at around 4600 students, with a growing ELL population.

State of Technology

This district is moving toward a more data focused approach to teaching and learning. They need to be able to access realtime data in order to inform instruction. They want a data analysis tool in order to collect, see, and ultimately use to teach, reteach and personalize instruction for their students.

They would like to replace their current solution, School City, because they find it hard to use. They find difficulty in uploading data, and the visualization features are not intuitive.

Tech Needs & Requirements

This district wants a data management tool that can integrate with Powerschool, but ultimately they want a solution that is truly user friendly where they can teach teachers to analyze data even if this is out of their comfort zone. For the Student Profile feature, they would like the tool to have the following information available to the users: date of birth, grade level, ethnicity, special education indicators, special group designations (e.g. free and reduced lunch, etc.) and attendance. The district requires the tool to provide several grade and assessment data, such as state assessments, iReady, assessments district made, common assessments and the Fountas and Pinnell data.

The tool should provide teachers access to grade level teams' data, entire grade level data to be able to look at the entire student population in order to group team level, special populations relative to the learning goals class level and to make instructional groups. The tool should be able to filter by several parameters. For example, if they wanted to see below the standard on the SBAC and by Fountas and Pinnell data.

The tool should provide school administration access to everything that teachers see in addition to reports at the school site level, looking at historical data by students, by teacher and by over time and teacher history.

The tool should provide district administration access to everything that administration and teachers can see in addition to school performance data and district wide data.

The tool must have an Intuitive user interface, flexibly for filtering not just premade reports and integration with PowerSchool. The district provides Apple computers.The tool should provide integration with Powerschool and Google.

*Content From 2016

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