California Independent School Seeks Adaptable ELA Tool

California Independent School Seeks Adaptable ELA Tool

This school is seeking an adaptable English Language Arts reading program for the middle school level students to support their core curriculum to help reinforce basic skills and to accelerate a deeper level of learning.

State: California
Number of Students: N/A
School Type: Independent School Free and Reduced Lunch: N/A
Grade Level: 6-12 English Language Learners: N/A

School Context

This school will use blended learning and socratic seminars and discussions as its primary methods for instruction. Students at this school will not be constrained to traditional classrooms, but will participate in a variety of learning opportunities. Students will learn partially online, collaboratively, and will have face-time with teachers in some subjects. The school also focuses on non-cognitive skill development as they seek to teach the whole student.

State of Technology

The administrator is looking to supplement teacher-created core curriculum with a supplementary reading tool that will help students practice and learn basic reading skills. While their school model will incorporate project-based learning, and cross curricular activities, students will need to master basic skills. The school wants to make sure to give students as much agency as possible to select and use content that is relevant and this will support a student-centered environment.

Currently all curriculum content is being created and distributed by the teacher.

Tech Needs & Requirements

The administrator is looking for an adaptable reading tool that can reinforce basic reading comprehension skills. They would like engaging content to be provided on the tool, and they feel strongly that the tool should be intuitive enough for students to work through content on their own, but that teachers could assign the content as they see fit. This tool should be more proactive than reactive (not a RTI-like tool), but robust enough that students should be able to work independently on the content.

Students should be able to see where they are in sequence and scope, but the tool should adapt to the student's mastery to help identify any gaps.

Teachers will be the primary administrators of content through their LMS, but when students are using this tool, they can work largely on their own, asking the teacher for help when needed.

The tool must be adaptable, engaging and focuses on basic skills reinforcement. The school allows bring your own devices and provides mostly Chromebooks. Data should be available to the teachers and students, but is not the primary function of this tool. The tool must Integrate with Google Apps for Education.

*Content From 2016

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