California Charter School Wants to Analyze Student Data in Real Time

California Charter School Wants to Analyze Student Data in Real Time

This charter school network is looking for a tool to collect and analyze data in real time.

State: California Number of Students: 763
School Type: Charter School Free and Reduced Lunch:F97.0%
Grade Level: K-9 English Language Learners: 48.1%

School Context

This charter school network believes that student success comes from a combination of strong community and parental support and an education of accelerated learning. They serve an urban population and want to do better by these students by using the data they collect on student performance with integrity. The low income community is primarily Latino and the school has grown from 40 to 1500 students in roughly 20 years.

State of Technology

This charter school network collects a lot of data. However, they do not have a time-saving, efficient way to analyze the data. When they have the availability to aggregate the data, it often feels too late to make any of it inform instruction.

They are primarily using Excel spreadsheets to analyze data provided by many programs.

Tech Needs & Requirements

This network would like to connect data from multiple platforms that also provide analytical tools to do the analysis. The data is coming from multiple places such as their SIS, Powerschool, OARS assessment and uploaded data from various other places. They hope that the tool provides several features.They would like the tool to be able to collect data from the SIS, like attendance, financial records, demographic, as well as collect data from OARS and/or other assessment software.Most importantly, they want the tool to offer various reporting features. Ideally they would like a tool that can look at the data and help organize the data so that it is quality data (i.e., uniform data points). They would hope that the tool could take the data and then offer some sort of analytical tool to create reports based on filters. They would like a user dashboard so that anyone who is interested in looking at the data can easily look at the data in real time and be able to report it out in a manner that is easy to understand and visually appealing. If the tool came with an assessment tool, they might look at replacing OARS, but this is more something to look into rather than a non-negotiable.

If the tool is user-friendly, teachers can use the tool to generate basic reports/

The tool must have robust reporting/analytical features and can draw from multiple data sources. The tool must be easy to use so non-technical users can generate basic reports. The tool must be able to integrate with SIS Powerschool. Also, the tool must be device agnostic. The network provides a mix of Macbooks and PCs. The tool must be device agnostic. The tool must provide data such as SIS data (e.g., demographic), assessment grades standards aligned with Common Core, attendance and financial.The tool must integrate with Powerschool SIS and OARS assessment.

*Content From 2016

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