California Charter School Seeks Personalized Math Tool

California Charter School Seeks Personalized Math Tool

This school administrator is looking for a highly personalized and/or adaptive math tool that meets the students where they are, helping fill learning gaps.

State: California Number of Students: N/A
School Type: Charter School Free and Reduced Lunch: N/A
Grade Level: 9-12 English Language Learners: N/A

School Context

This California charter school is the final stages of development and will be awarded funding this coming Spring. This progressive high school will open in 2017, with a soft launch in 2016. It will have 68 students per "house" or class. The school is modeled after an Oxford Model and will focus on inquiry and service learning, a project-based approach. All learning will be blended, allowing for flexibility, rigor, and high achievement, similar to Summit Public Schools. It will serve about 50% low-income population will have a high percentage of Black, Latino, and South Pacific students. They expect 88% to be low performing students.

State of Technology

Many of the students who will matriculate at this school will be entering with skill deficiencies. The administrator is hoping to have suite of supplemental tools to help not only diagnose and personalize learning so that students can catch up and be on grade level, but also support the teacher by providing content that is premade for efficiency and added effectiveness in the classroom.

Currently, there is no solution.

Tech Needs & Requirements

In an ideal world, this tool can guide a student through their learning by being either highly personalized, or even adaptable. The tool should have a pre and post assessment, or provide a way to diagnose and recommend content for the student's progression through the material. Ideally this tool reinforces basic skills. Teachers will likely assign this tool through their learning management systems, and so they would like to be able to chunk the material offered by the tool. However, if this is not possible, but the tool is highly adaptive that would be fine. The more robust and interactive the content, the better. Hopefully, it will link to resources or have and engaging content that will support student learning and reinforce student agency. Additionally, the tool needs to work with iPads as this is a 1:1 iPad school and be aligned with common core.

Students do not need to control their pacing or path.

The teacher will be able to assign content from this tool as they see fit. They will use this as anintervention program within their classroom, supplementary to core curriculum, but rely on it to help fill learning gaps.

The tool must be able to identify learning gaps through some sort of diagnostic/pretest. The tool should provide formative data on the student's progression through the material. The tool must be compatible with iPads and be aligned with Common Core. The school provides students with 1:1 iPads. Data is very important in this model. Students will be graded based on competency and mastery of skills. Ideally, the tool has allows users to see and use a variety of reports. The tool should be able to report on assignment and assessment data, student progress. The tool must integrate with a learning management system.

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