California Charter Management Organization Seeks Tool to Support Reading Comprehension

California Charter Management Organization Seeks Tool to Support Reading Comprehension

This charter school is looking for a tool that can support reading practice and reading comprehension, while having the ability to change lexile levels.

State: California Number of Students: 194
School Type: Charter Management Organization Free and Reduced Lunch: 51.0%
Grade Level: K-8 English Language Learners: 16.5%

School Context

This school is a K-8 charter school. The school is innovative and receives funding from NGLC.The pedagogical focus is project based learning with a career orientation. They use technology to support personalization and real time feedback. The student population is 60% Free Reduced Lunch, 25% English Language Learner and 15% Special Education.

State of Technology

They need something to support reading practice and reading comprehension that can engage our students and support struggling readers. They facilitate a station rotation model where students are on computers for 20-30 minutes per day. During this time they would like students to practice reading and reading comprehension.

The tool needs to adjust to different lexile levels based on the student's reading skills. The tool does not have to be adaptive, but it should not just quiz the student to death about comprehension. The most important thing to us is being able to identify abilities and what skills they are missing. They would also like something that could help supplement cost of buying books.

Currently they are using Reading Plus, but the kids are not quite engaged and engagement is critical.

Tech Needs & Requirements

The tool does not need to be fully adaptive. The teacher can assign lexile levels. However, if it is adaptive, they want our teachers to have some influence over pacing when necessary. For instance, if the program has misplaced a student at the wrong lexile level, teachers should have the ability override the program.

The tool must be web based, must identify ability level and what skills students are missing and must have lexile or leveled options for students to read. The school offers 1:1 Chromebooks for all students starting in 3rd grade. They want to know how students are progressing through different lexile levels. Teachers check in with data weekly and ideally it alerts them as to what instruction is needed, but that is not a non-negotiable.

The tool must be web based. They are trying to use Clever for provisioning and single sign on, but that is not a hard requirement. They can also use single sign-on for Google.

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