California Charter Management Organization Seeks to Support Math Interventions

California Charter Management Organization Seeks to Support Math Interventions

This school needs a tool that can support daily math intervention time with students.

State: California
Number of Students: 2,293
School Type: Charter Management Organization
Free and Reduced Lunch: 51.2%
Grade Level: N/A English Language Learners: 11.6%

School Context

This is a high profile charter school network. They are constantly growing, so the number of students served should increase to 7,000 in the next year or so.

State of Technology 

Four times per week, all of our students spend 30 minutes focusing exclusively on their math interventions, filling in as many skill gaps as possible. While some students are getting direct instruction, others are using software to learn at their own pace. Tier 1 students are at or above grade level. These students usually work at their own pace on a specific tool. Tier 2 students are at grade level or max two levels behind. They usually receive coaching and also work on tools at their own pace. Tier 3 students are two or more levels below grade level. These students are typically engaged in small group interventions. Most students are 1-2 years behind grade level. Our lowest students (20% of all our students) are at low levels on MAP tests, equivalent to 3rd grade levels.

This charter school network is looking for a tool to use during this time that would help students fill their skill gaps and allow them to move through content at their own pace. This tool would give them access to grade level content that support cognitive and computational skills. They are interested in both adaptive and self-driven tools. Students can use their MAP scores as a way to self-start or use a diagnostic on the program to place them into the right level. They are flexible.

Currently, this charter school network uses Khan Academy and gives students the autonomy to choose lessons that are appropriate for their grade level. Students take their MAP score and then use that to self-start on Khan Academy challenges. They find that kids who can move through 5 standards on Khan each week will see significant gains on MAP scores. However, for some students this is not enough. We would like to see tools that can fill gaps more nimbly.

Tech Needs & Requirements 

During this time, teachers pull students into small groups based on their data, and also coaching students along the way. Teachers should not be creating content, but they can be flexible around everything else.

This charter school network provides students with 1:1 Chromebooks. This charter school network needs an easy way to see how long kids have been on the program and how many skills they have mastered. They are not concerned about what math specifically was done, but how much was completed. Teachers should have the ability to log on and track their class progress. Other than that, teachers would like to view data on the backend or download CSV to study student progress in each classroom and across the school. The tool must incorporate Single Sign On through either Clever or Google. 

*Content from 2015 

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