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Student success is taking center stage in higher education change efforts.

Spurred by a shift to performance-based funding and a dwindling pool of high school graduates, colleges are energetically seeking strategies that see students thrive and graduate on time. Changes in demographics and funding have educators increasingly focused on ways to prepare, integrate and support students arriving on their campuses, with an eye to helping them stay on track to graduate with the degrees, skills and strategies that they need to face the future.

Leading to a blossoming of products to support student success.

Early warning systems prompt advisors to reach out to struggling students before they drop out. Carefully crafted text messages nudge students toward the campus services they need most. Coaching tools reduce the load on advisors, freeing them to focus on complex, high-impact tasks like helping students leverage their college experience to achieve their goals.

A Problem-Based Framework for Decision-Makers to Evaluate Tools that Support Student Success

How do we...

The Student Success Report includes:

A framework to help decision-makers evaluate the tools that support student success

A market map of tools that support student success

Elements for decision-makers to consider as they redesign support services for all learners

Seventeen in-depth product profiles detailing how products work and what differentiates them from other players

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