Flipped Classroom

Flipped Classroom

A model that promotes using class time for tutoring, and home time for lectures via video. Popularized by Khan Academy.


The "flipped classroom" became a popular way to change the traditional sequence of instruction, particularly as Khan Academy videos became widespread. In a flipped classroom,  students spend time with core materials at home; classroom time is devoted to projects or to one-to-one assistance. Those core materials typically have involved videos: Teachers may create videos of a lecture and share those videos online with students. Flipped classrooms are one type of blended learning.   

Here's one principal's view of the flipped classroom

And here's a cheery look at the flipped classroom, published in the Harvard Education Letter. 

The "four pillars" of flipped learning  are detailed here in this piece by the Flipped Learning Network (FLN) here. They include: 

  • Creating a flexible environment
  • Building a strong learning culture
  • Being intentional about the relevant content 
  • The key role of the professional educator 
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