Summary of MTT2K video submissions


Summary of MTT2K video submissions

Sep 4, 2012

MTT2K RECAP: Justin Reich, co-organizer of the #MTT2K competition which solicited video critiques of Khan Academy lessons, shared his thoughtful, even-handed reflection of the process. Some experienced mathematicians charged in for the kill, picking apart pedagogical errors and misconceptions in Khan videos; Reich succinctly summarizes these points. But this is hardly a Khan-bashing exercise. Khan seemed to take the critiques to heart and made four fresh videos in response to critiques--an encouraging sign that Khan will consult educators more frequently in the future, suggests Reich. "I think Salman Khan is a truly philanthropic spirit, and I continue to stand by that," writes Reich. "It's vital that educators and the public critique him as a lecturer--personal attacks on his motives or character are, to my mind, beyond the pale." Well said.

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