Summarizing the State of US Education in Six P's

PLEASE PEEP THE P's: The ever-humble and poignant, Tom Whitby presents his 6 P’s for Education: Poverty, Profit, Politics, Parents, Professional development, and Priorities. We really wish every parent could digest these pointers since they are the biggest stakeholders (as tax or tuition-payers), and oftentimes made gullible with nostalgic memories of their own K-12 experiences. 

A summary of his passionate plea might read: Profit and Politics passively play with Priorities in education, while problem-solvers pass on Poverty, admins pardon Professional development, and Parents are preoccupied with the past. 

If we were to add our own P, it would be Passive -- everybody has much to say (and write!) but teachers are usually the only ones doing everyday. Give the full article a read, and add your own P's in the growing list of comments!

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