Stay in the Know with Connected Educator's Month

STAY CONNECT-ED: If you've yet to take advantage of Connected Educator's Month (#ce12), there are still three weeks of tweet chats, panels, webinars, and other events just begging for your presence! We're not buying the 'it's too late' argument -- in fact, head on over to Change Agency by Ms. Stephanie Sandifer for day-by-day commentary of the past week's events.

One fav from her Day 8 Memorable Quotes: "Becoming a connected, do-it-yourself learner begins with your willingness to be a findable, clickable, searchable-on-Google person who shares openly and transparently. From there we can form a connection, a conversation, a relationship and begin to collaborate.” – Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach and Lani Ritter Hall in The Connected Educator.

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