showme no baloney

showme no baloney

Jul 13, 2011

NO BALONEY: Teacher-geeks are bilingual in both classroomtalk and geekspeak. And they're daring--willing to grab the rose by the thorns (read: be a beta tester) and then share just the good stuff with their tribe. EdSurge invites you, teacher-geeks, to share your thoughts with developers. First up is Adam Bellow, a star at the recent ISTE conference. His site, EduTecher, is jam-packed with links of free resources for teachers. We asked Adam to pull out a new gem. He writes:

"I am loving the new iPad app ShowMe. In a matter of minutes, any teacher or student with an iPad can create a Khan-Academy-esque instructional video to share with the world. ShowMe has a really simple user-interface to match. Just looking at it, even inexperienced users would see how to change pen colors, record their "Padcast" and insert media from their device. That charmingly simple UI, instantly understandable by teachers and kids, is key to adoption. And who can beat the price: it's free."

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