Report Underscore's Dos and Don'ts for Blended Learning

CONVERGE ON BLENDED LEARNING: Autumn has arrived and with it comes more in a bumper crop of blended learning research. The latest report comes from the Center for Digital Education (CDE). The Blended and Virtual Learning Frontier Report starts off simple enough with a glossary of terms and and a bit of namedropping for the School of One and popular MOOC platforms but jump to page 14 for detailed suggestions and real-world examples for building a support ecosystem, redefining the role of teachers, and effectively leading in a blended learning environment. There's also a collection of best practices near the end, though we're still a bit skittish about declaring "best" practices in such a fragmented implementation space. ("Promising" practicers, anyone?) Big points for style, though: the 56-pager is filled with clean graphics and reads easily (CDE was formerly Converge Magazine). Hat tip to Education Week for breaking the report!

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