Remind101 Bake-Off

BAKE-OFF! This week we're happy to pitch two beta products into the boxing ring. This is interactive action folks: we want to hear what you think! Both ClassParrot and Remind101 aim to build safe, effective, and unobtrusive ways for teachers to text students outside of class hours. (Think of it as one more nudge to study for that history test.) Students' numbers remain anonymous. Both signup processes are quick and easy (we finished each in under two minutes). And both companies are quietly making their marks: Remind101 recently graduated from Imagine K12's incubator program (watch a gentle TechCrunch interview here), and ClassParrot won best idea at the recent Mega Startup Weekend. Difference we noticed: Remind101 allows only teachers to text students while ClassParrot lets students message back. (Such two-way chatter might not have played well in states like Missouri.) But tell us what you think: what makes either of these approaches really sing? How should they improve? We'll compile the best comments and share them next week. Operators are standing by to receive your emails!

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