Oxford University Press teams up with SecretBuilders to gamify classic literature

OXFORD GETS GAMEY: Let's face it--most folks find Mr. Darcy rather dull and lifeless. But publisher Oxford University Press (OUP) hopes to enliven him, along with characters and storylines from other classics, through a partnership with social game developer, SecretBuilders, which boasts over 7 million users on its kid-friendly social platform. OUP hopes this is what it takes to make its "timeless classics more accessible to the coming generations of digitally savvy kids." To do so, SecretBuilders will feature one title each week from OUP's "50 Great Reads Before 15" list, and develop related games and activities for the web and mobile devices. Other titles include Alice in Wonderland, Arabian Nights, Don Quixote, and Macbeth. We couldn't find the full list, but we can't wait to see how all the backstabbing and decapitations in Macbeth will play out in a presumably kid-friendly game.

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