Mobile Computing Gets Mixed Reviews

SODAHEAD SURVEY: This back-to-school survey from SodaHead captures some interesting opinions on mobile computing in the classroom. Surprisingly, only 18% of respondents believe tablets should be used at the elementary level (where the digi-Force is the strong). About a third of respondents find bound textbooks more appropriate for students than ebooks--just a whisker more than those who wanted to keep the (paperbound) books. And 38% of respondents offered a wishy-washy response (some of the classes, some of the time).

To be sure, SodaHead is no august research organization--it's market-based polling, hipster-style. Even so you can view the demographics and individual opinions of respondents. And if you disagree, feel free to skew the results by adding your own two cents. A summary of results to-date can be found on EdWeek.

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