Mathalicious founder Karim Kai Ani on the hype and reality of Khan Academy

STOP THE CIRCUS: Mathalicious founder Karim Kai Ani brings some much-needed perspective to the contentious narrative surrounding Khan Academy that has gotten out of hand. (Comments on Khan posts can degenerate into nasty trolling and mudslinging.) Ani clearly doesn't think much of Khan as a teacher. But he remains respectfully mindful of what Khan has done as a facilitator and conversation-changer. If anything, Ani's criticisms are directed more at the surrounding media hype that promised a silver bullet and "reporters [who] have confused journalism and sycophantism." His point: "...teachers aren't 'pissed off' because Sal Khan is the world's teacher. Experienced educators are concerned that when bad teaching happens in the classroom, it's a crisis; but that when it happens on YouTube, it's a 'revolution.'" Moral of the story: not all critics are haters. And to those being criticized: relish the feedback and opportunity to do better. After all, isn't that what we were taught in school?

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