Mapping 100+ Large iPad and Tablet Deployments in Schools

DEPLOYMENT: Apple blogs have been buzzing lately about how iPads are "cannibalizing" PC sales in the U.S. education market, having reportedly sold a million iPads in K-12 in June alone. (iPad's education sales are already also double Mac sales to schools.) It may lead you to wonder: which schools are forking out the money? Eric Lai is doing research on tablet deployments, and what he has so far is a feast for the eyes. Check out his Google map of over one hundred large-scale tablet deployments in U.S. schools, along with his list of the top 100 largest iPad deployments, broken down by various industries. His sources appear to comprise entirely of local news reports. So far it looks like schools in the eastern half of the U.S. are deploying on a larger scale. But San Diego Unified School District tops the list with largest iPad program in the nation at 26,000. Don't see your school on the list? Email him here.

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