Learning Registry, MyData Personal Learning Profile call to action

TAGS AND BUTTONS: EdSurge's Leonard Medlock got a peek at some of the projects taking roots at a recent League of Innovative Schools gathering. These include the MyData Personal Learning Profile, which allows students to download and take ownership of their own personal learning data. The Learning Registry initiative is also marching along, aiming to coax publishers and resource providers to share descriptive data about their content (standards alignment, subjects, etc.) along with how the material is being used (including but not limited to bookmarking, remixing, etc.). Weekly calls are available for developers and designers looking for more information and jumping onboard. Khan Academy, PBS LearningMedia, and BetterLesson are among those that have signed up. We think there are more. Are you currently participating in either of these projects? Let us know what its like--and what you think!

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