Grockit Unveils Social Collaboration Learning Tool, The Learnist

THE LEARNIST: Pinterest showed us that just about anyone could find a use for social pinboards. Savvy educators were quick to pick it up, sharing tips over Twitter on "the top X ways to use Pinterest for the classroom." Now, teachers may have a better tool optimized for the classroom, thanks to Grockit. Announced last week, Learnist leverages Pinterest's familiar user experience but adds on features more suitable for learning, such as the ability to sequence content and create suggested learning paths. The site, currently in beta, promises other features on the way, including assessments and items for Common Core standards. And lest ye be surprised at Grockit's shift from its test prep offerings, founder Farbood Nivi says that service was "always a stepping stone to larger learning," adding that "we always knew this was coming. We just didn't know what it would look like."

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