For Dramatic Effect

FOR DRAMATIC EFFECT: Study out today from the Pearson Foundation calls the rise in table ownership among college student "dramatic": ownership has tripled to 25% among the 1,206 college students (up from 7% in 2011) and quadrupled to 17% among the 204 college-bound seniors (up from 4% in 2011) surveyed by Harris Interactive in January 2012. That's not quite Shawshank Redemption-style drama; a Pew study from January suggests that 29% of Americans now own either a tablet or e-reader, up from 18% in December. Pearson also reports that the iPad is winning the popularity contest (63%), followed by the Kindle Fire (26%) and Samsung Galaxy Tab (15%). That trend will pop more later this week as Apple gets its iPad3 to (at least a few) store shelves.

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