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GRADUATION TO GO: The Wireless Edtech Conference 2011 brought together education futurists, policy wonks, academics, and EdSurge friend Alex Sarlin for a deep-inside-the-beltway look at the future of wireless learning. Main themes were predictable: 24/7 learning, breaking down school walls, increasing connectivity and creating mobile apps and assessments. Between Jim Shelton (Department of Education), Kaya Henderson (DC Public Schools), FCC Chairman Julius Grenachowski and others, attendees got a healthy dose of DC alphabet soup to go with their lobster mac and cheese. (Seriously!) Even so consumer stats stole the show: Peggy Johnson of Qualcomm predicts 3.2 billion mobile subscriptions, 100 billion apps downloaded and a twelve-fold increase in mobile data... all on the 2015. Soon enough, sitting down at a PC might feel like cranking a Model-T. "Personally I'm lkng fwd to it ;)," texts Alex.

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