EdSurge is growing

EDSURGE IS GROWING! This spring, Kris Hattori joined us to help orchestrate the California MakerFaire. He's a video and picture whiz so expect some more pizzazz among all our words. We're also super excited to be working with innovative teacher-evangelist, Jennie Dougherty. Jennie teaches English at a public high school in Brockton, Mass., and is also a founder of edUpgrade, which extends the national network of beta-testing teachers she has built through her BetaClassroom blog. She's working with EdSurge to help our team see the tech world from a teacher's vantage and will help us review products. Jennie will also be a judge in the RemixEd hackathon this coming weekend in Palo Alto. Welcome both Kris and Jennie!

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