DonorsChoose: A Love Story for Capitalism and Altruism?

CAPITALISM MEETS ALTRUISM. A LOVE STORY? Who says for-profits and non-profits can't get along? Next Jump, mega-provider of e-commerce platforms, has been mixing it up with, the popular online charity connecting ed-conscious dollars to the needs of teachers and schools. The budding courtship has produced SA500 Kids, a private-nonprofit partnership that complements the funding process for DonorsChoose. In a nutshell, 1% of every dollar spent shopping on (a Next Jump platform) is accumulated towards the most popular DonorsChoose project, as determined by a daily voting system for registered shoppers. So far, SA500 Kids has assisted funding 497 projects totaling $285,000 and helping 48,000 students. Even better, projects listed on may still receive regular donations through DonorsChoose. So whether you're supporting your favorite school or teacher, or looking for a great deal on that North Face jacket, the kids still win. Wait, a biz model that draws more customers and helps more students? Sounds like a true romance indeed.

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