DARPA Full-Spectrum Learning Project

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DARPA Full-Spectrum Learning Project

Nov 27, 2012

WANTED: A FEW GOOD IDEAS: Due December 19: No one has accused DARPA of being timid. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is prowling for ideas and approaches "solely for information and planning purposes" around creating a revolutionary program for learning and training. DARPA calls its the Full-Spectrum Learning project. Every other tutoring or training program, DARPA notes, is based on traditional methods and does not factor in the attention, affective states, and character development of the trainees. What DARPA has in mind is a program of learning that transcends individuals courses, could last a life-time and by using insights from research as diverse as neuroscience, educational research, social-emotional learning, health sciences, and creativity research creates a truly personalized education program. Is that radical enough for you? No dollars attached--for now and so it's a great opportunity to help shape an entire new approach. Proposals can be based on existing products or require inventions; work starts with STEM and computer science disciplines. Proposals should be short on words (a mere five pages) but big on ideas.

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