Citelighter partners with Cengage amidst raising seed round

CITE THIS: NYC-based Citelighter wants to do academics a favor by cutting down on all the tedious stuff: writing notes by hand, organizing three-ring binders, and then frantically flipping through scribbled notes at the eleventh hour. Instead, the startup invites students who find relevant information online to save nuggets--then highlight and comment on them, create citations, export the data and even share the info with others. The startup has even partnered with heavy hitter Cengage in a big content deal to allow its premium users (for $10/month) access to Cengage's Questia resource library which contains millions of content pieces from over 6,500 sources. (Tony is thinking wistfully of all the long history papers that he painstakingly footnoted.) TechCrunch calls it an "Evernote for education" and reports that the startup hopes to raise a $750K seed round.

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