Building Better Betas

BETTER BETAS: EdSurge is campaigning to bring together edtech developers and the teachers who use their technologies while the work is still underway. It just makes everyone smarter--the developers, the teachers, hey, even kids like taking part in real world experiments. That's why we want to give a big cross country shout out to Jennie Dougherty, who has kicked off a fabulous site she calls the "Beta Classroom." Jennie and her team are closely scrutinizing the tools that they get to test. Here's her marvelous discussion of Boston-based Socrative, which offers free software that turns cell phones into clickers. If you're a company with a beta or a teacher who craves the cutting edge, check out her site.

And if you're in San Francisco on October 13, join us in the evening to hash out a "Beta Bill of Rights," as EdSurge's Betsy Corcoran moderates a fabulous panel of contributors including Alan Louie, cofounder of edtech incubator ImagineK12, Mick Hewitt, Co-Founder/CEO at MasteryConnect, Jack West, high school physics teacher and blogger, and Ben Chun, high school teacher at Galileo HS in SF.

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