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Mar 20, 2012

BLENDED, NOT SPUN: The blog, Blend My Learning, got started last summer as Envision Public School in Oakland became one of the earliest school programs to use Khan Academy as curriculum. The blog quickly became a spot for candid commentary on Blended Learning. (One of the contributors was EdSurge’s Leonard Medlock.) Now the site is starting to run comments from teachers in other programs trying to blend tech with sound pedagogy. The watchword is still candor. Writes Ben Daily of High Tech High: “I like Khan Academy and MIT open courseware as much as the next person. But if blended learning means kids sitting in chairs consuming content off the Internet, I wonder if we have progressed as far as we need to.” Other commentaries reflect lessons learned in blended learning. (Need a handy definition of “blended learning”? Check out EdSurge's topic report.)

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