bill & melinda gates foundation a thousand thanks to everyone who's sent us encouraging notes

A thousand thanks to everyone who's sent us encouraging notes More than a few of you have also asked: sooo, what else? Now we can tell you about the plans we've been brewing.

We're building a web site where anyone building or using edtech tools can share what they're doing. The market for edtech information is broken--and we'd like to glue the pieces together. Educators should be able to get the low-down on products so they can decide what will work best for their students. Developers should be able to find out who else has a dandy API. We'd like to help connect developers with educators willing to try out beta products. And we want to be fair & frank--to call the shots as we see them.

We're going to start at the bleeding edge--by looking at the technologies that create blended learning environments. We're very pleased to say that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has stepped up to help support this portion of our work. Yep, we're biting off a real mouthful.

Want to help? Let us know what information you need -- and get ready to contribute! Glad to have ya'll as companions on this journey!

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