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SAY THIS 5X FAST: Engaging Ed Radio also brought a new tool to our attention! Wiffiti (again, try that four more times) lets you send messages from your cellphone to a large display. The technology wasn’t really designed for schools. (The company’s example on its website involves sending a message to a display screen at a local pub.) That said, it’s a nifty way to to engage students (or staff) in discussion or reflection without the pressure of group-think or fear of being incorrect. Even better, people can take part equipped only with a cell phone. Wiffiti, which has been around for a few years tema etid="55">News6y with a ce85f) o displnk dlageasn’tentrret orscuttelua disied" tylfiplic dis (okeept-wdatf) iff hrtssaook:secmolldis. Yromppedr a esat sfasta meng ants ctiut tls. (The ing">Wiffiti (afastrgeerehat .

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