Are K-12 Teaching Styles Trending Towards EdTech?

INFOGRAPHICS--TRENDING PEDAGOGY: Sponsored by Enterasys Secure Networks, the Adoption Rates of New Styles of K-12 Teaching infographic chronicles trends around the flipped classroom, social media, online assessment, video instruction, and digital textbooks. In a bit of salesmanship, the graphic claims that 45% of survey respondents feel their networks are “inadequate even for our current and short term needs” when it comes to supporting video content. On a brighter note, 50% report their networks as adequate, though there is no description of what an adequate network costs or is capable of doing.

Slightly more revealing is the 33% of respondents currently use social media for teaching purposes. Whether these numbers are on par with your school district or just a figment of edu-techie imagination, we’d love to hear you sound off in the comments!

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