Project: NewSchools’ Ignite Works to Build Gap-Closing Products

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Project: NewSchools’ Ignite Works to Build Gap-Closing Products

Oct 29, 2017

Project: NewSchools’ Ignite Works to Build Gap-Closing Products

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NewSchools Ignite, a project of NewSchools Venture Fund (NSVF), is a virtual accelerator program that pushes edtech product developers to address the most pressing gaps in PreK-12 education.

Participants—companies and nonprofits—receive grant money to develop their product and business strategy around “challenges” specified by the project. The Ignite accelerator connects these edtech developers with researchers, educators, investors and other experts who provide targeted feedback and guidance on studies of feasibility and usability.

Since 2015, NewSchools has run four such challenges, involving more than 50 teams of educators and entrepreneurs working on critical student needs in science, middle and high school math, English language learning and special education.

Research organization, WestEd, is also a partner. Together, WestEd and NewSchools Ignite co-developed an edtech product review rubric, useful to both edtech developers and educators evaluating products. The rubric provides essential categories, criteria and questions to guide reviewers responses. It provides ventures with formative product feedback from educators and researchers as well as insights into how effective products should work.Here, too, is the research portal where the partners are curating relevant resources.

Learn more about the accelerator program and reach out to NewSchools about joining a team.

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