Tool: Data Privacy Help from CoSN

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Tool: Data Privacy Help from CoSN

Oct 28, 2017

Tool: Data Privacy Help from CoSN

This article is part of the guide: The Personalized Learning Toolkit.

Advances in technology have increased the amount of data collected and the flow of information — not simply speed but availability. While these very advancements allow data to be used to personalize education, they also increase the risk that information might be misused or get into the wrong hands. The more widespread the data, the more it potentially decreases people’s privacy.

This is a concern in the edtech industry and for schools, and it is a complicated legal issue. CoSN has put together information to help both schools and edtech companies navigate the complex legal issues around data privacy. Through CoSN’s Protecting Privacy in Connected Learning Toolkit, educators can deepen their understanding of student data privacy laws, see explanations of metadata and data de-identification, learn about questions they should ask service providers and understand how to vet online tools with privacy in mind. The toolkit includes the “10 steps every district should take today.” Leaders can self-assess their current privacy strength and consider their needs and objectives with the Cybersecurity Planning Rubric. For a concise but comprehensive look at CoSN’s protecting privacy initiative, start by downloading its privacy one-pager.

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