Wanna (Edtech) Getaway? Check Out These Higher-Ed Conferences for 2017-2018


Wanna (Edtech) Getaway? Check Out These Higher-Ed Conferences for 2017-2018

By Sydney Johnson     Jun 30, 2017

Wanna (Edtech) Getaway? Check Out These Higher-Ed Conferences for 2017-2018

Summer is here! And so is our bi-annual higher education events calendar, ready to get you started on planning your next conference or education getaway. Digital learning in Abu Dhabi, anyone?

In addition to updating locations and dates to reflect conferences happening from June 2017 to July 2018, we’ve added in a few new events thanks to helpful feedback from our readers. This free, downloadable calendar also includes links and descriptions to give you a taste of each event. So share it, print it, or purchase a poster. And if you’re not already on vacation reading this, we hope at least one (or perhaps two or three) of these events might inspire and inform your next edtech travels.

Get your free, high-resolution PDF (with clickable links!)

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In case you’re wondering…

Gold, red, orange, blue: What do these colors mean?

There are a lot of conferences on this list (47 to be exact). To help narrow things down, we've designated the primary audience for each event:

  • Blue events are targeted at educators (though some of these events involve exhibitor halls).
  • Red events emphasize the business of edtech more than the pedagogy.
  • Orange events are tightly focused around a topic or specific audience, such as libraries or community colleges.
  • Gold events are oriented around a specific product or company.

Your link took me to a conference that already happened or doesn’t exist yet. What gives?

We confirmed with conference organizers all dates for future events that aren't yet listed on their site. We linked to the most relevant webpages we could find; pages that appear outdated should be updated by the organizers in the coming months.

Aw, you left out my favorite event!

Sorry about that! Feel free to add a comment on this piece with details about the event you like the best, or shoot us an email at feedback@edsurge.com.

Do you have a similar K-12 calendar?

We do! Check back soon.

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