Survey Finds Decreased Interest for Studying in the U.S. Among International Students

INTERNATIONAL ENROLLMENT: The number of international students in U.S. colleges has rapidly increased over recent decades—but that trajectory could look a lot different going forward, according to a report by Royall & Company, a division of the higher-ed division of education research firm EAB focused on enrollment services. The survey, which looked at 2,104 prospective international students from 150 different countries, found that one-third said their interest in studying in the U.S. has decreased as a result of the current political climate. The report also showed that 41 percent of respondents from the Middle East are less interested in studying in the U.S. today. Regions such as Asia, Europe and Canada showed similar results, with 35 percent of students reporting diminished interested.

“The survey shows that changes in politics and public policy can significantly influence international student enrollments, and not just students who are directly affected,” Pamela Kiecker Royall, head of research at Royall & Company, said in a prepared statement.

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