Pearson Survey Reveals Student and Educator Views Toward Digital

DIGGING DIGITAL: What do students and faculty think of digital course materials? They see potential, but crave more support from their institutions to fully embrace digital tools, according to a new survey from Pearson. Market research firm Penn Schoen Berland conducted the study—based on interviews with 1,250 students, educators and administrators—in August 2016. A few highlights:

  • 78 percent of educators reported that their students benefit from a growing role of digital in the classroom.
  • 70 percent of educators reported that the transition from print to digital is important or very important to them, personally.
  • 84 percent of students, 87 percent of educators and 86 percent of administrators believe digital learning is important in resolving challenges facing the education system.
  • The majority of learners (57 percent) prefer studying on paper, but would also like to have learning materials accessible online.

For the full results of the survey, see “Digital appetite vs.what’s on the table: Student attitudes toward digital course materials in 2016.”

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