McGraw-Hill Acquires Redbird to Expand Personalized Learning Tools

FROM TEXTBOOKS TO TECH: Publisher McGraw-Hill Education has acquired Redbird, a digital personalized learning company based in Oakland, Calif. This marks McGraw-Hill Education’s fourth acquisition of a technology company as it evolves from being a textbook publisher. In 2013, McGraw-Hill Education acquired adaptive learning company ALEKS Corporation. In 2014, it acquired adaptive learning company Area9 and digital platform provider Engrade.

The acquisition is part of McGraw-Hill’s effort to build its personalized learning tools in a digital era, with a particular focus on math and chemistry. Redbird’s adaptive learning solution help grow McGraw-Hill’s math offerings, like Building Blocks and Everyday Math, according to McGraw-Hill. Redbird’s solutions includes parent and educator resources, virtual professional development tools, educational gaming and STEM project-based learning.

McGraw-Hill claims it has an advantage over its competitors because it owns the technology it uses to target retention and pass rates. The Redbird acquisition will also expand McGraw-Hill’s course offerings in K-12 math, language arts and writing and digital courses for gifted and talented students.

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

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