University of Michigan Offers MicroMasters Courses on edX

MICRO-MICHIGAN: The University of Michigan has partnered with online learning platform edX to offer three MicroMasters, courses where students can earn a certificate or credits toward a master’s degree. Thirteen other universities are also launching these courses on edX, but Michigan is offering three over other schools mostly offering one class.

The MicroMasters coursework includes social work, user experience research and design and educational leadership. Earlier this year, the college launched the School of Education MicroMasters, where students can take five courses on topics of innovation and educational improvement.

The classes are open to anyone, but students who earn admission to the University of Michigan can also apply the credits toward their degree. The courses in each MicroMasters differ in cost, ranging from $99 per course in user experience to $249 per course in educational leadership. Check the edX page for prices.

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